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Camille is proud to have been the first Miss America to ever win the title without competing in a swimsuit or being judged on physical appearance at any level


I'm dedicated to using her platform to spread information and reduce stigma associated with mental health conditions and body image issues. As a woman who has battled an eating disorder and lives with chronic anxiety, I want to create an open environment to speak about these difficult issues. 



As someone who has struggled with my mental health for many years, I’m thrilled to share that I have partnered with Castle Biosciences to expand awareness of genetic testing in depression and anxiety with IDgenetix!

IDgenetix is a pharmacogenomic (PGx) test for depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions designed to analyze a patient’s genetic make-up to guide timely and evidence-based decisions on the optimal drug for each patient. IDgenetix is designed to provide important genetic information to clinicians to help guide personalized treatment plans for their patients, with the potential to help patients achieve a faster therapeutic response and improve their chances of remission by identifying appropriate medications more efficiently than the standard of care trial-and-error approach.

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