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Elie Tahari: Let your true beauty shine through

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

If you know me…you may know that I’m really cheap. Well, maybe "CHEAP" isn’t the word...I’m economical. I don’t like wasting money. So for that reason, spending money on fast fashion was never something I was interested in. My mom and I usually joke about this, because she is much more inclined to participate in the latest fashion trends than I am.

Competing for Miss Virginia and Miss America pushed me to step out of my fashion comfort zone in MANY ways. When I did start to purchase wardrobe, I was looking for pieces that would last me long past the competition. My economical nature led me to want to invest in high quality wardrobe with classic styling...pieces with a lifespan that would extend through many seasons and style changes.

And that’s when I fell in love with Elie Tahari.

I stepped into Saks Fifth Avenue in Richmond, VA in April of 2019 hoping to find the perfect outfit for my Miss Virginia interview. I wanted something classic. A timeless look that wouldn’t distract from the words I was saying…but rather, something that would complement them. When I put on the white Serena Ruffle Front Blazer and matching pants...I looked at my mom and told her that this was it...which was rare based on my wildly indecisive nature.

My mom then picked out the Isadora Belted Leather Sheath Dress (she doubles as my stylist), and fell in love with it. She joked that I could "wear the dress on the news the morning after winning Miss Virginia". We laughed and brought both outfits home.

Fast forward to June of 2019, and I felt more confident than ever walking into my Miss Virginia interview in my tailored white suit. I became Miss Virginia 2019 later that week. I ended up wearing the Isadora Belted Leather Sheath Dress for my first news interview the following day…just as my mom and I had laughed about while shopping a few months prior.

Both pieces became staples in my Miss America wardrobe. I wore the same white suit to interview for Miss America, and the Isadora Belted Leather Sheath Dress for my social impact pitch. Incredibly, I was named Miss America 2020 in December of 2019.

Elie Tahari said that “Clothing should be quieter than the woman so that her true beauty can shine through.That is exactly why I chose these pieces when competing for Miss America…and why I think it was one of the best wardrobe decisions I could have ever made.

Now, I'm transitioning back in to my education and professional career. As a young professional, I’m still looking to invest in clothing that is high quality, versatile and classic...and Elie Tahari remains my go-to in this new chapter of my life.

Here are some of my new favorite pieces that I've recently added to my wardrobe:

The Tera Dress is the black dress that every woman needs in her closet. It's a staple piece. Professional and tailored, the Tera dress is canvas for accessories from jewelry, to shoes, and jackets that can elevate the look from business casual to formal.

Purchase the Tera Dress HERE

Photos by EmmiClaire Photography

The Judith Long Sleeve is a stunning 100% silk top that can be paired with anything from business pants to jeans. It’s lightweight which makes it great for warmer weather, or layering under blazers or jackets when needed.

Purchase the Judith Long Sleeve HERE

Photos by EmmiClaire Photography

The Scallop Sweater adds a bit of edge to a classic look. Alone, this top shines when paired with classic black business pants or jeans…but is further elevated with the addition of a statement blazer.

Purchase the Scallop Sweater HERE

Photos by EmmiClaire Photography

Elie Tahari has helped me shine through some of my most important moments thus far in my life...and I'm sure that these pieces will be with me through more defining moments in my professional career for many years to come.

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